Typical Applications

Speed Measurement
Fluid Flow Measurement
Shaft Speed Measurement


6 Digit Display
Up to 1 MHz Input Frequency
Large, Backlit LCD
RS-232 Serial Communication


SRO100 Programmable Digital Meter for Frequency Inputs


The SRO100 Programmable Digital Indicator/ Frequency Counter may be used in any application requiring a programmable frequency counter with a scaled output.  The SRO100 also includes a configurable power supply and measurement interface for use with other GMH Engineering products including the Delta DRS1000 Non-Contact Speed Sensor and the HFW80 Fifth Wheel.

The SRO100 has an easy-to-read, backlit LCD display with six large digits.  Besides displaying the measured value, the unit can record Max/Min readings and register Hi/Lo alarms with an audible beeper.  The easy-access front keyboard provides straightforward menu navigation.  Multiple configurations may be saved in nonvolatile memory with password protection.  The SRO100 can communicate with other intelligent systems via its built-in RS-232 serial communication port, enabling an external device to receive measurements and to control multiple SRO100 units.



  • Pulse 0-12 V, single-ended
  • 0-5 V, nominal differential
  • 2 V, nominal switching threshold
Input Frequency Range
  • 1 to 999999 Hz

  • 1 Hz

  • 20 ppm (overall error).
Update Rate
  • Once every second
  • 0.227 kg (0.5 lbs.)
Temperature Range
  • 0 to 50° C
  • 32 to 120° F
  • 6.0 to 16.0 VDC Supply voltage
  • 50 mA Supply current
SRO100 Dimensions
SRO100 Dimensions