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Amusement Ride Testing

GMH Engineering has been a leader in amusement ride testing for over 25 years, performing thousands of tests in many parts of the world. Our unique combination of test equipment and processes provides valuable information for ride verification, code compliance, maintenance prioritization, and accident analysis. Our efficient testing procedures allow us to test multiple rides in a single day. We have the experience to accurately analyze and interpret measured data. We can provide basic ASTM F2137 SARC accelerometer testing and more advanced measurements to meet your needs.

Classic Boomerang-style amusement ride

We test most types of amusement rides, including this classic Boomerang-style roller coaster.

Metal Coaster with Speed Sensor

GMH Engineering's Delta DRS1000 Non-contact Speed Sensor mounted on a suspended roller coaster.

SARC fixture in place

SARC fixture in place on a flat ride.

SARC fixture in place

SARC fixture next to our test dummy.

Fred Riding Coaster

Our test dummy, Fred, is enjoying the ride!

Do you know if your ride meets the acceleration requirements of ASTM F2291?

Do you need to know the train speed of your coaster? Our DRS1000 provides continuous speed measurements.

Do you maintain a wooden coaster? We have extensive experience in helping improve the dynamics of wooden rides by accurately interpreting acceleration data, providing meaningful feedback on track repairs and prioritizing maintenance efforts.

Would you like to correlate measurement data to exact track location? Our proprietary process allows us to pinpoint a section of track that produced a specific dynamic event.

Do you need to defend yourself against an injury claim? We can provide a variety of tests, including the use of a crash test dummy (ATD), to provide trusted measurements to support you.

SARC fixture in place

The GMH-designed SARC fixture fits nearly every amusement ride, locating the tri-axial accelerometer in the ASTM F2137-specified position and providing mounting for the data logger and battery.

Coaster with Dummy and Sensor

Coaster train ready to be tested with test dummy. Speed and reflector sensors mounted to chassis.

SARC fixture in place

SARC fixture in place.

Go Kart Crash Testing

Go-Kart crash testing.

Strain Gage Testing

Strain gage testing.