Typical Applications

Railroad Passenger Cars
Construction Equipment
Farm Equipment
Hand Power Tools

GMH Engineering Has

• A Thorough Knowledge of Applicable International Standards
• Years of Experience
• Proven Methodology
• Expert Witnesses

Vibration Testing

Instrumented Seat

The above pictures shows a fully instrumented seat ready for vibrations testing.  Not only is the seat instrumented, but you will notice in the bottom right hand corner a black, tri-axial accelerometer being used to measure vehicle vibration.  The seat vibration will be measured with an test subject sitting in the seat.  By measuring both the occupied seat vibration and the vehicle vibration, the effects of the voluntary motion of the person moving in the seat can be separated out.

Speed Sensor

GMH Engineering's DRS1000 Non-contact Speed Sensor measuring actual ground speed while doing vibration testing in a tractor.

GMH Engineering has been doing whole body vibration testing for many years. Our proven methodology and our attention to detail has made GMH Engineering a respected leader in the field of whole body vibration measurement.

Vibrations Testing a Truck

GMH Engineering doing whole body vibration testing in a 50 ton, rock hauling truck

If it vibrates, we can measure it.  We have tested locomotives, railroad passenger cars, semi trucks, tractors, construction equipment, farm equipment, and hand power tools.  GMH Engineering has a thorough understanding of the ISO standards related to Whole Body Vibration (ISO 2631, ISO 8041) and Hand/Arm Vibration (ISO 5349).

Vibration Testing Manure Spreader

Even when it hits the fan, GMH Engineering still gets the job done.   Whole body vibration testing in a manure spreader.