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Since GMH Engineering's beginning, GMH has been heavily involved in vehicle crash testing and in forensic engineering.  GMH Engineering built their own computer controlled sled.  The DataBRICK, a hardened data acquisition system, was developed by GMH Engineering in response to the need for better instrumentation in the field of crash testing.

GMH Engineering is involved in every aspect of vehicle crash testing including forensic engineering, accident reconstruction and safety analysis.  We have crashed everything from small vehicles to locomotives.

GMH Engineering is heavily involved with railroads both in the United States and overseas.  Our initial consultations were assisting in government sponsored crash tests.  GMH Engineering’s job was to instrument the crash tests.  While it is critical in all crash tests to get it right the first time, it is even more important when trains are involved.  GMH Engineering’s attention to detail and GMH’s time tested, built-in redundancy in their test procedures has proven to be extremely successful.

Another factor that has helped GMH Engineering become a leader in railroad crash testing is the validated use of the DataBRICK data acquisition system.  One crash test involved a train almost 600 feet long.  The DataBRICK’s modularity enabled GMH Engineering to instrument the entire length of the train with over 400 data recording channels without any lengthy runs of signal wire.

Crashed Train

Railroad passenger car crash tested for an energy management study.

Crashed Semi and Car

Semi-tractor trailer crash tested at 65 miles per hour into five different cars.

Crashed Train

Instrumented along its entire 600 foot length, a train is crash tested.